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What are "European-style" cabinets?

Also called "frameless" cabinets, they do not have a faceframe front for the cabinet door hinges to mount on and waste space. European cabinets use fully concealed hinges that allow the cabinet doors to be mounted with very little gap between each door, thus giving a flush and clean look.

Another benefit to this design is that access to the cabinet interiors is maximized. There are no faceframe members to hinder access into the cabinets and waste space. When you open the cabinet doors, every bit of space inside is visible. Functionally, more usable space is available, and, esthetically, a cleaner appearance is achieved.
European-style frameless cabinetry fits any decor, and would be appropriate for any area of your home. Based on the type of cabinet door fronts that are chosen, your kitchen can take on any kind of look, from a traditional decor with hardwood cabinets, raised-panel doors and decorative mouldings, to a more modern contemporary appearance with flush doors made with hardwoods and domestic or exotic veneers, high pressure laminates or even metals. Many kitchens that you see in design magazines feature European-style cabinets, it may take close inspection to recognize them.

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