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cat mountain weekend

This three story weekend home was completely renovated after a burst pipe flooded the two lower floors.

Multiple walls on the entry level were removed to completely open up the floor plan between kitchen and living. Formerly, a series of small, boxy spaces unnecessarily created separate rooms, divided up the floor plan, and obstructed views of the hills beyond.

The original enclosed stairwell was also rebuilt and replaced with a new floating stair that adds to the sense of openness that now permeates the home.

The kitchen and all bathrooms were completely redone with new cabinetry, finishes, and lighting in a much more contemporary aesthetic characterized by clean lines, careful detailing, and european minimalism. Long, linear lines accentuate the home's new modern look.

On the back of the house, the original windows were replaced and combined into larger assemblies to open up to the terrific view previously obscured by smaller windows and walls. The result is a more cohesive, stylish, and spacious environment that is a vast improvement over the original.

The resulting design received a 2013 Chrysalis award and a COTY regional design award and was featured on the 2013 NARI tour of remodeled homes.

cat mountain weekend

cat mountain weekend

design: Mark Lind / photo by: Thomas McConnell