As a second-generation general contractor/home builder, I have had much experience with many tradesmen and subcontractors over the years. It is rare indeed to find one so consistently reliable and dependable as Steve. With all the contractors that I have hired, I would get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and then I knew how to make allowances for their weaknesses. With Steve, I knew that I could always expect the finest quality in the materials he utilized, the utmost accuracy in his process down to the finest details, as well as service that was above and beyond even my expectations. He is always prompt for appointments and on time with deliveries.
Furthermore, contrary with what I find with most all other tradesmen, He listens to the needs and expectations of my clients, and reflects back what he heard. His excellent communication skills are especially important with clients that at first do not even know what it is they want.
During the initial kitchen design stage, he offers suggestions and alternatives, and is not afraid to offer his opinion, based on many years experience as to what works best and what doesn’t. Since he relates so well with my homeowners, I am confident that I can go take care of other matters and I have all confidence that Steve will have profitable and productive meetings with my clients, conducting himself in a professional manner and helping to set the clients minds at ease as they know even then that they’ll receive a superior product.
One other thing I should mention, Steve not only is an expert in his trade, but he has a well-rounded and extensive knowledge of many other aspects of the building industry. Therefore, not only does he know what’s going on inside your walls, floors and ceilings and why, but I can always count on Steve to coordinate well with the overlapping tradesmen, as well as help me and my clients with scheduling, minimizing down-time and delays.
I have to say that there is nothing I would change about Steve’s product and service. He personally handles every aspect of every project. He even installs all his own work.
I will continue to use Steve’s services and look forward to our next project.
Paul Hackett

Steve has worked on two major projects for us, the master bathroom & kitchen. For the bathroom he built and installed new cabinets which are perfect. When it came to the kitchen we went straight to Steve without any other bids, knowing that the cost quoted would be the price we paid. Again everything worked out perfectly. Steve is professional and very easy to work with, he's a perfectionist. His sense of humor helps alleviate stress caused by other contractors. Steve is always on time and completes projects as promised, unlike other Austin contractors we have used. Without hesitation we would recommend Steve to friends and neighbors.
Una Taylor

Steve did three separate projects for my wife and I: A complete remodel of our kitchen cabinets, the large built-in and fireplace area in the living room, and all the cabinets in our master bathroom. We chose Cherry, done in a continuous grain pattern which Steve does so well. Obviously, since we hired Steve three separate times, we were extremely happy with the work. Steve does precision work, is very easy to deal with, and his prices are reasonable for custom built-in cabinets. We will be hiring Steve again for our next remodel, and recommend you give him a call if you are interested in clean, European designed wood work.
Richard Taggart

My client, a trained shipwright commissioned Steve Tull to build European style cabinets throughout his new modern limestone and glass house. Steve's flush white oak veneer cabinets complete the architecture of the sharply carved interior spaces fitting skewed walls precisely with minimal detail. He has a quiet and professional work process that leads to a beautiful and refined design. He is devoted to his craft, as well as, the interest of the architect and client. I have worked with Steve on other projects and look forward to our next collaboration.
Nick Deaver Architect
Austin, TX

Recently, we completed extensive remodeling of our home. Our contractor hired Steve Tull to build and install all of the new cabinetry. Of the many tradesmen working on the job, Steve was one of the easiest to work with. He was personable and easy-going, yet he conducted himself in a professional and business-like manner. We felt comfortable in knowing we could trust him to give us the high standard of quality we desired. Both his craftsmanship and his service have been excellent. Steve was easy to communicate with, and he did what he said he would do in a timely manner. This "timely manner" alone sets him apart from many of Austin's current sub-contractors!
We will be calling on Steve in the future and we recommend him to our friends without reservation.
Guy and Sue Ellen Knolle

Steve was great to work with. He incorporated our ideas and added some new ones, and we are so satisfied with the results. I can't imagine a more difficult kitchen to renovate, since the space is small and every inch had to count, but the European cabinet design that Steve uses is perfect for these kinds of limitations. Steve took everything into consideration in designing our kitchen layout so that it is both efficient and beautiful. The media center, wet bar combination turned out great too and that was a real feat of design. Steve has our highest recommendation. Renovation is not a snap process, but the results more then justify the effort. We would do it all again!
Sherry and Randy Lee

It was a pleasure working with you on our kitchen remodel. You were by far the easiest, most accommodating and most professional element to this rather lengthy process. Moreover, we couldn't be happier with our new cabinets. The craftsmanship is exceptional, and they have the feel and look of a truly exceptional product. Two things strike me regarding our kitchen - first, I really like the look of the deeper counters that your work provided for. Second, the manner in which the cabinets wrap around our refrigerator, which is not a standard size, has afforded the kitchen a clean, finished look that we are very pleased with. We are very lucky to have stumbled upon your site, and we will certainly use you for additional cabinetry needs in the future.
Thanks again,
Tom & Courtney Villalta

We have really enjoyed the new cabinets in our remodeled bath rooms and dressing areas. Frankly, I don’t think we appreciated the differences between nice but relatively standard cabinetry, and the exceptional cabinets that you installed for us. My builder, who started working on houses in Pemberton as a boy, commented that they were more like furniture than cabinets, and the nicest installation that he had seen.
I would also add that we appreciated the professional effort to finalize the design, and the timely installation. It was a pleasure to work with you, and we will be in touch again when it is time to renovate our kitchen.
Jim and Kakky Dyer

Steve is not only an excellent craftsman who provides absolutely beautiful finished products, but he is also exceptionally reliable, available, and attentive to the design and production process as a whole. He has an eye for detail that puts builders and homeowners at ease.
Steve really cares about each project and puts his skills and experience at the complete disposal of his customers. He offers superb service-oriented expertise at each phase of construction, from design though installation. Communication, craftsmanship, and custom detailing are Steve's specialty.
Jeff Leon
General Contractor

It has been a pleasure working with Steve though the years. He has always interacted professionally with our clients, and has been flexible and available when clients want to get together. We have completed large and small projects together, and Steve has always been on time with his deliveries. He has always been upfront with the costs and has been responsible about additions to the contracts. He has pointed out details that could have become problem areas and has helped to allow my projects to proceed smoothly. He has acted responsibly to bring quick resolution to the issues inevitable in a construction project before they became problems. He has a creative style, and his focus on detail is extraordinary.
As a general contractor, I cannot operate my business without a list of good and reliable subcontractors, and I am happy to say that Steve is at the top of my list.
I'd highly recommend him to anyone.
David Gaston
General Contractor

We recently remodeled our modest home in Barton Heights, doubling its size. The cabinetry we would use was very important to us as we practically live in our kitchen. Initially, we thought we wouldn't be able to afford custom cabinetry. We shopped for "pre-made" cabinets. We were not impressed with the quality or the price. THEN WE MET STEVE TULL! He listened to what we wanted, he gave us drawings to assess, and gave us a bid that impressed us. He gave us something we thought we couldn't have: beautiful, custom cabinets in the design we wanted! We couldn't be happier.
Kay Colvin and Davis McLarty

We liked Steve’s professionalism from our very first meeting with him. He is a good listener and has excellent ideas about both cabinet design and the use of available space.
On our second meeting, he took us to visit two other clients’ homes that he had recently done. Seeing the work in person convinced us to contract with Steve. His workmanship is beautiful and the owners had nothing but good words for him.
We found the whole building process with Steve to be enjoyable and always looked forward to seeing him, partly because of his positive attitude. We worked long and hard on choosing the variety of wood for the cabinets. We were very pleased with our final choice of birch, mostly because of Steve’s efforts in selecting and matching high quality materials. His creativity showed through when he converted a once ugly pantry closet into a great cabinet for staples, baking goods, and small appliances.
We are getting rave reviews from all of our friends on the final result, who immediately recognize the high quality and good design.
Ralph & Connie DaFoe

My brother and sister looked at the pictures of our kitchen on your website and were properly impressed. My sister has been inspired to remodel her own kitchen by seeing how good ours looks. Unfortunately she lives in San Diego so she can't hire you so her kitchen will never look as good as ours.
Everyone who has been here since the kitchen was finished has been very admiring. The woman we bought the house from was here a few days ago and she said if she had known the house could look this good she wouldn't have moved.
I am constantly pleased whenever I'm in the kitchen. It's beautiful and it functions so much better and everything is so well organized. I feel good every time I open a cabinet or drawer. You did a wonderful job and I thank you again for making our house a much pleasanter place.
Abe and Rina Marcus

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with both you and Jack. You are easy to work with, professional and have great appreciation for detail. My cabinets continue to be one of my favorite parts of our new home. It’s tough to explain the difference between what some would call custom cabinets and your finely crafted custom cabinetry. The solid craftsmanship of the cabinets and the smooth mechanics of precision hardware make an unbelievable difference. Thanks again. I will continue to refer you to anyone I know that has an appreciation for fine craftsmanship.
Robert Forman

We first contacted Steve with little more than a vision and a memory that we hoped to replicate in our bookshelves with media storage and incorporated window-seat. The existing wall had some space constraints--but Steve is an artist as well as a superb craftsman, and the result is perfect! What was once a barren corner has been transformed into a gorgeous living area which showcases our extensive book and music collection, and beautiful window seat just like the one remembered in a favorite childhood home. We really enjoyed getting to know and working with Steve, we have recommended him to our friends for many reasons, including; the aesthetic quality of his work, his pleasant and professional demeanor, his patience with demanding yet inexperienced clients! Thank you Steve.... almost 2 years later, we are still thrilled!
Madelyn & Joe Vertenten

Dear Steve,
My wife Pat & I enjoyed working with you on our home remodel. We appreciate your ideas, your professionalism, your punctuality and your craftsmanship. The computer design format helped us visualize everything. We both agree that you and your cabinets were our best experience during the process. We still get oohs and ahhs from friends and relatives that see your work. Every sub-contractor we used was similarly impressed from the painters to the granite and glass installers. We feel fortunate to have worked with you and to have gotten to know you as the nice person you are. Hope we can do it again.
Sincerely, Tony Choban & Pat McCray

Dear Steve,
We are delighted with the cabinetry you designed, built and installed in our kitchen. Not only is it beautiful, but you were able to accommodate several odd requests to fit a new kitchen design for a kitchen that would not budge, size-wise.
I am so glad we didn’t go with our original intent to use pre-built cabinets. Your craftsmanship is remarkable, as was the care you took with ensuring even the drawer and door pulls were installed “just so.” And, using drawers that pull out all the way and close quietly and smoothly is quite a pleasure.
The end result is that not only do we have an absolutely beautiful kitchen, thanks in large part to the furniture-quality cabinetry, but a kitchen that is incredibly functional and fun to cook in.
And, you and Jack were great to work with—professional and personable is a wonderful combination that is rare today.
Thanks so much,

Laureen Chernow & Wally Reeves

Steve Tull was referred to us by two of our business partners for whom he had done work in their homes. We were very impressed with his work, and we had him come to our home to listen to our ideas. We needed two cabinets in separate rooms with very different styles. Within a few days, he emailed a CAD drawing of each cabinet, and amazingly, the drawings were exactly as we had imagined. He then built the cabinets exactly as promised. He is a perfectionist. The process was seamless from conception to finished product and the pricing was not excessive.
Steve is honest, pleasant, trustworthy, and never left a mess in our home. Our home is an ongoing project, and we will continue to work with Steve with all of our future projects.
Mark and Holly Gunn

Dear Steve,
You wouldn't believe how many people walk into our Indiana kitchen and say, "Where did you get those wonderful cabinets?" They are quite disappointed when I tell them that the builder lives down in Austin, Texas. They are even more amazed when I show them our study, and tell them how you sat in our old kitchen with me to create the designs on computer, flew home, and returned six weeks later hauling a trailer filled with custom-built cabinets and all the tools to install them on-site. "Your brother must really love you," they say, "and he must be terrifically skilled to pull off something like that without a hitch."
But they only see the result. What they didn't get to see was the creativity with which you matched the design to our 1912 home, maximizing every inch of space, the professionalism with which you worked with our builders and with us, the industry and precision with which you hauled, fitted, and hung the 40 separate units that comprise our "Tull collection," and the good cheer with which you responded to all my suggestions with, "Well, yes, I think we could do that," and then proceeded to improve on each idea. I am proud of your work, and only wish I could show the good people in Austin all the wonderful details, from the fabulous drawer glides and precision hinges all the way to the custom-built spice racks, wine cabinet, hallway built-ins, and floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Thanks, bro!
Trisha Tull and Don Summerfield
Jeffersonville, Indiana

Contact Information:
phone: (512) 496-9932